Community Impact Network

The Community Impact Network is a web application that hosts a community’s currency. This “web app” matches tasks with individuals to create impact, and matches businesses with individuals to exchange with one another. This “smart” money tracks the social and economic impact, ensuring the health and wellbeing of communities.  

Community Currency

Community Currencies are money outside of- but complementary to currencies like the US dollar. More formally known as a scrip, community currencies serve as another way to pay for goods and services. In their simplest form, community currencies are an agreement among members to exchange goods and services.

Proof of Impact

Proof of Impact is a feature enabling individuals to report their impact completing a task. Individuals use the web-app to take photos, videos, record their location, and document UN Sustainable Development Goals. This enables people across the network to see the impact of their work, track progress in reaching goals, and"MINT" community currency in exchange.


No Poverty
Good Health and Well-Being
Climate Action
Zero Hunger
Life on Land
Responsible Consumption and Production